The word cookie means small cake.

One stage method is used for some chewy cookies.

Creaming method for cookies. It affects the texture, lavening, and spread

If cookie is short that is high on fats and low in gulent or if thin and delicate,too much creaming will make cookie crumbly.

Sanding method is used in cookies which have only egg and no other moist ingredients.


Cookies are classified in following ways:

Bagged – dough is soft enough to be forced through a pastry bag and stiff enough to hold its place.

Dropped – cookies are scooped out with the help of spoon or scoop.  It gives cookies rough homemade look.

Rolled – cookies are rolled and cut out from stiff dough. Not used highly in bakeshop.

Bar – the dough is baked in long narrow strips and later cut crorswise into bar.